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  • Two


    We did it! They did it! Is been an amazing but long day and we are proud but happy parents. Here’s to the next year of scooting, chatting, toddling, walking, running, singing, playing, jumping, cuddling, eating and all the other lovely stuff that families do… As usual you can see the rest of the series […]

  • 18 Months

    18 Months

    We stopped the monthly shots at 12 months but said we’d do one at 18 and then annually. Each time we hit these milestones I honestly feel like a bit of a rock-star! Ruth and I are  pretty amazing seeing as we’ve not killed either of the twins. As usual so thankful to God for […]

  • 12 Months

    12 Months

    Today feels like the most significant birthday I’ve ever celebrated for someone. It feels quite selfish to say so because it’s my babies’ and not some other significant others. Having not been too fond of my own birthdays over many years to find myself feeling so exciting for this one seems unreal. Last year my […]

  • 11 Months

    11 Months

    We made it to 11 months! This is nuts! We did it!

  • 10 Months

    10 Months

    We made it to 10 months!  Woooooooooh.

  • 9 Months

    9 Months

    Everyday when I get up, I go downstairs and Ruth and I have to figure out whose turn it is to go in to the babies bedroom first. You see when we do this, they have usually been awake for a little while and when we open that door, whoever goes first gets to see […]

  • 8 Months

    8 Months

    They’re holding things and grabbing things…from each other.

  • 7 Months

    7 Months

    As they grow in maturity they’ve both become very serious indeed.

  • Four Months

    Four Months
  • Three Months

    Three Months
  • Two Months

    Two Months
  • One Month

    One Month
  • I’d like to introduce you…

    I’d like to introduce you…

    I’d like to introduce you to my daughter and my son. On the right we have Oisín (pronounced Usheen) Mark who was born at 10:50 am weighing 6lb 12oz. His beautiful little sister followed quickly. Aoibheanna (pronounced Eveanna) Lesley weighing 4lbs 12oz came in the same style by C-Section. Ruth was amazing! The birth was […]

  • We are a GO on babies!

    We are a GO on babies!

    AND IT’S TWINS! After a VERY long, painful, emotional and arduous journey Ruth and I are so happy to let the world know that in October, two tiny shiny new Robinson’s will be making their debut. This past Wednesday we went in to Queen Charlottes for Ruth’s 11 week scan and we were both able […]

  • Wifey birthday on #SauntonSands #POTD

    Wifey birthday on #SauntonSands #POTD

    We went for our traditional walk on Saunton Sands this morning for Ruth’s birthday and while doing so I snapped this chap who was photographing some surfers. I showed him the photo and he asked me to fire of a few shots of him on his own Canon DSLR to which I obliged. While we […]

  • #Fluff-ball-sitting

    This morning I have had a guest. Bramwell is ridiculously cute! W A N T !