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Thankful For Parents

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Our parents deserve the most respect out of any people we know. They are responsible for so much. I am so lucky to have had two people being my parents who have taken on the responsibility with gusto pride and mostly love in their hearts.

Parents are responsible for molding us in to the people we will turn out to be. They are responsible for making us. They are responsible for raising us to be people in our own right. I think about the prospect of becoming a parent, something i have not had to seriously consider, and it frightens the life out of me. If i can even do half as good a job as my own parents i think I’ll be doing really well.

I am so glad to have had parents like these.

Thank you Jesus for my Parents and I pray that you would be with those who are not so lucky as i am.

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day

Thankful for Sisters

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I have two wonderfully amazing sisters. These two women are truly inspirational. My two sisters, Sandra and Angie have loved me as their little brother all my life. They are both brilliant mothers and wives.

The amount of strength and patience it takes to bring up kids and be a good spouse is huge and these two do it so well. I respect and love them dearly

Thank you Jesus for my Sisters

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day

Thankful for my Bro – Happy Birthday Bro

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 brobdayEven at this time in your life you were a style icon – for the “special” people!

I have a brilliant brother. it’s his birthday today. I want you all to know how ace he is.

Like all big brothers he has had a real knack for being a pain in the backside. Be it from stealing food to throwing smelly trainers at me but through all of that he is a guy a deeply respect and i love dearly.

He is:

  • a Great film maker
  • a talented musician
  • great with people
  • brilliantly professional
  • gifted with a great sense of humour
  • good looking (not as gorgeous as me though – obviously)
  • kind heart
  • strong willed
  • intelligent (sometimes – heh)
  • loyal
  • adventurous
  • fun
  • a little bit geeky
  • loving
  • and among so many others: a brilliant big brother


Thank you Jesus for my Bro

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day

Happy Birthday SIS

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[RFEE3 ELSHAN ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ]

I have the honour of being a sibling to an amazing wman. My sister Sandra celebrates her birthday today. I love her very much. She is a very cool woman. She is strong and inspiring. She has amazin faith and integrity. She’s a great Mother and wife and sister.

Hapy Birthday Sandra!

My Parents are moving back to Ireland

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On 2nd Sept my parents will be moving back to Ireland!

Yup that’s right – its pretty epic! It’s also really great news and amazing for them. We are all really really happy for them to be finally moving home after almost 15 years. We are also obviously sad that they won’t be just around the corner.

This has all happened very quickly. While there was always a “loose” plan for them to eventually move back to Ireland, we didn’t quite think it would happen now. They just paid off their mortgage a couple of months back and were happy to finally be debt free after 36 odd years and were looking forward to maybe another year or so building up some savings before going back but circumstances have changed which sparked all of this off.

Img via

3 weeks ago their tenants in the house in Dublin rang them to give their notice. They are a big family and needed more space and wanted to move before the new school term started. On weighing up the options my parents soon realised that it would be very very difficult to proceed with live as was without the income of the rent of that house. On thinking and praying about it they decided that moving back was the best thing to do. This all happened over the Sat eve and Sunday morning. By Sunday Lunchtime their minds were made up. They called us about an hour later – it was all very exciting.

The result: they are moving back on the 2nd of sept. Their tenants were only required to give 1 months notice which means the turn around of this is all very fast indeed.

This is something my parents have wanted since we left Ireland. Moving to the UK was a great thing. I certainly would not be the man I am today had it not been for that. While as a 16 year old I hated the experience at the time, I never tried to look at it through my parent’s eyes. They too were wrenched from a happily content life, away form friends, family and so on. As much as it was difficult for me it was hugely more difficult for them. At least for me, at 16, I was able to adapt and grow up I to a culture that was new to me. My parents found it harder to adapt to the new culture of the UK. While you may think the UK and Ireland aren’t all that different, you’d be right in saying so but they are different enough for it to be a culture shock.

I still quite haven’t fully processed all this myself. I’m not fully sire about ho I feel about my parents moving country. I feel sad that they are going. But I am so s SO happy that they finally get to go home after so long. I feel unease at the thought that this will b the first time in my life that I will properly live in a completely different country than my mom and dad. I feel elated that they will be with all of their old friends, I feel excited at the prospect of many holidays to come in Ireland. I feel giddy about the idea of bringing our children over to Ireland for summer holidays to their grandparents in Ireland. Overall I’m stoked.

One of the hilarious things is that Ruth and I had booked a week in Ireland camping In Silver Strand (where I grew up camping every summer) in te second week of Sept. So Mom and Dad will be 30 mins away. They have now offered to set up their caravan for us down there so we don’t have to camp in the Tent – this is to be confirmed. But how ACE is that!?!?!

Great Weekend

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Sunday: I went for my first ride on Sarah since before I got married. It was sheer bliss but shocking aso how out of practice i am. I cold’nt get any good lines. I was stiff over the roots and rocks, I was exhasted and felt like i was gonna keel over after the first 5 mins. But it was GREAT! Ruth and I discussed our timing on these things and agreed that Sunday morings were the best time for me to ride.

I went down my old local loop to the Canal and te greenford estate BMX track which was in even more disrepair than ever.  Quite sad really. I couldn’t  ride a full set due to the amout of broken glass and the remnants of fires. Never mind the state of my fitness.

I still enjoyed it and got some un which was ace.




On Monday we went down to Henley and chilled out for the day with my folks. we had some lunch then went for a walk with them where Dad took me “in search of adventure”. This mean trespassing!

I love my Dad for these stunts he pulls. I think Ruth really finally reailsed where i get my crazy ideas from. He showed methis great old chapel and the groundsof a certain private property.






It was ace.

1 down 60 to go…i hope

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That is 1 year of marriage.

Yesterday was our first anniversary.  Wow that’s another year that has flown by.  Having an anniversary as well is like having another benchmark for time. I usually have a good think about the past year on my birthday. I look at what i have achieved and what i have not. I think about what i wanna do better and what i did really well. Now i have anniversaries where i’m inclined to do the same thing.


So how’s it been? ………. AMAZING!

Being married is one of the best things. I cant believe people out there who things its bad. Ok fair enough we have on,ly been married a year but we have still had our trials and tribulations during that time and we have learnt alot about each other and about being married.

I have loved being married cause my wifey is the most amazing woman i have ever met. I love her dearly. I do really hope to have at least another 60 of these celebrations.

What did we do? Well on Sat we went to Oxford for the day. We went to a castle and wondered then went to dinner in the eve. it was really wonderful.

The cross in the road is “the cross in broad street” in Oxford town center.Between 1555 & 1556 three protestant bishops were burnt at the stake because they refused to become catholic. This is not a bash at catholicism. What is remarkable is that these men stood up for their faith and beliefs so strongly and wit such integrity that it cost them their lives. – That is amazing. It blows my mind.

Pancakes – ooh look it’s Lent!

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Last night we invited my folks over to have pancakes for pancake Tuesday. Pancake day is what the day is know as by most people these days but what it actually is is Shrove Tuesday which is the day preceding the first day of Lent. Lent being that a period of 40days of fasting before Easter. We had a brilliant time with my parents and enjoyed much of the stogy joy that is pancakes.


After yesterdays outburst if feeling over whelmed i decided that i could probably do something simple about it. So I’ve decided to cull some of the news feeds during the Lent period. I may decide to do some other things to but i’ll figure that out later today.

No longer a Youff

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On Saturday night, Wifey and i went down to Thornbury in Bristol for Our Niece Catherine’s 18th Birthday party. It was a really great part but i do have to say I was shocked in to the reality of my age in a big way.

The party itself was good fun. We drank quite a bit and danced alot. It was the music that was the kicker. There was this bunch of Young ladies all dancing to utter rubbish! Now I have never and willn  never claim to have the

best taste in music but i know i do have at least some standards and te music the pervy DJ was playing was really dire BUT – they loved it! It was confusing as I wanted to dance but every other tune was dreadful. At one point the DJ started to play some decent house and hard house in a vintage way so i requested some “Faithless“. Now remember the point that Faithless are one of the best house acts ever but did these kids ge it?


The dance-floor emptied…….

tumbleweed tumbled….. ok it didnt but it felt like it should have! I felt OLD!

I realised that in the same breath i had called a bunch of 18 year olds kids, wondered why these “kids” didnt appreciate some “real” music and i thought that there was far too much flesh on display for the age range present…..

OH MY WORD! Have I passed it? In reality I realise that maybe i’ve finally arrived fully in adulthood and I can take this two ways. I can consider it the beginning of the end and tha life is all own hill from here, or I can look back an appreciate the great times I had as a “Youff” but also look froward to the amazing times that are to come.

On a more hilarious note: Classic prankage:

Hair Dryer Powder Prank

Robinsons Meet The Barnes

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My Parents meeting Ruths Parents – What a weekend!

again, an uninteresting title

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Am listening to Jo Whiley on Radio1 and the common event from last night was splitting up. A shed load of people split up their relationships last night. It’s such a shame to hear when people break up under any circumstances as its never nice. There must be alot of depressed people out there. To those people I say – don’t worry – It’ll get better soon. To those who were doing the nasty on their partners – U need your genitalia kicked in severely!

went round to see my Bro. He’s off to Japan today for 5 days with Thunder. We did our usual tech stuff and work chat then we went and had a curry. I had……..a………Korma!!!! woo yay! So we chatted about this and that and then we went back to the flat and watched “Face Off”. I hadn’t watched this movie in a long time and I used to love it. Now its different. I’d forgotten how clichéd it really is. It’s really ridiculously terrible in places. It pains me because Cage and Travolta are two of my favourite actors and this was a huge disappointment. Oh well. “I’M CASTOR TROY!!!” Ever since seeing that movie whenever I’ve had to get photos developed I always put my name down as Castor Troy and no-one has ever questioned it.

The Godfather

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My sister rang me and asked me to be her new daughter Lucy’s Godfather!! – Me a godfather – It’s true – Proof is below!!

Met Bob and Alison for a drink after work. – Bob did the great thing and booked a night bus back to Edinburger so he shall be debating the finer topics of Burberry patterns with the chav massive who have taken over the National Express Bus route. Anyway Me and Ali & met him for a send off Pint – or 3.