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Skip the crud with DVDs

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Having just finished season 5 of Lost and then seeing a an article today i was reminded about the Lost Season 5 DVD’s that LoveFilm sent us.

Each DVD would take about 3 days to get to the main menu without the ability to skip the various trailers and ads for blu-ray. Coupled with the fact that our DVD player is a bit flakey and so it takes a while between each clip that the thing tries to play.

You can imagine the frustration.

All i wanna do is watch the film/episode/feature

i dont wanna have to troll through the various crud offerings.

So how do you get straight to the point?

Well there is a cheeky lil Remote control trick that should work for most DVDs.

Just hit stop twice then the play button! This should bring you straight to the main feature without all the faffing about! WOO!

Thanks to for this tip

When do we wax on and wax off then?

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The Karate Kid – A dodgy remake

I appreciate we live in an era where every remotely good movie will be remade but in doing so the idea of getting the core values of the film in there must be adhered to! This just doesn’t do that – at least it doesn’t look like it will do so!

District 9

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If you go see any movie thisyear GO SEE THIS!

Such a wonderful and amazing film with a great concept and story.

Films I have been watching

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Terminator Salvation – We really enjoyed this. While most of the reviews have been poor i still like it. The film is heavily flawed. The concept is flawed greatly anyway with regards the whole thing of John Connor sending back his own Father to save his mother who the becomes his father yadda yadda. This was a stupid paradoxal error in writin and ther is a really facid attempt at addressing it in this movie.

Outside of that there were a few other things that just didn’t add up. Certain narritive elements that didn’t fit. It almost felt rushed in its presentation. Continuity of the narrative and a couple of cheesy elements could have been done without.

Asides from that it was good fun. There was that real sence of relentless danger i got from theoriginal movie and it achieved a real sense of the epic “OH CRAP WHERE’S THE PADDLE!” factor. The effects and CGI  (bar a ceratin cameo appearrance) were all great and te sound score was excellent. Certainly on worth watching in the cinema…..even if you do end up hating it.

Star TrekWOW This was really really good fun. They Really nailed this and got it right! I grew up on Star Trek so i was looking forward to it. The stroy was really tight and the references to all the old stuff was so multi layered it was great. Watch out for “the guy in red” , “tribbles” & “Kirk Pose and lighting across the eyes”.

The gags were great and the performances were brilliant. I was worried tht i would only see “Silar from Hereos” but Spock was Spock, so a tribute to his acting skills.

All in all – AMAZING! – Go see it!

The Wrestler – I watched this on the plain going over to Doha. I wouldn’t have paid fr this but i did wanna see it. It is a really intense drama andits quite sad really. It’s a slow one too but it adds to the eventual dispair of the main character. Mickey Rourke did exceedingly well at drawing out the desperationof the guy and i as impressed with his performance. Marrissa Tomei was also quite good in this.

Grand Tourino – KICK ASS OLD GUY! This was similar in pace to The wrestler ad a little dull t be honest. I was dissapointed. It was a great characher.relationship based piece but it was all a bit too slow for my liking.

Valkyrie – DULL DULL DULL – could you possibly make such an amzing story more dull? ………no

The International – see Valkyrie description – except ou’ve got Clive Owen & the story itself is just another dull espionage dance.

No Country for Old Men – This was BRILLIANT! Alot of people will hate this. I love fims that have a funky ending and a lack of resolution. The charaters are great but it oesn’t even need Tommy Lee Jones doing another cop act. Really great film – Go See It

Star Trek – WOOT

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Wifey and i went out for our weekly date night last night and did the usual thing of Nandos and a Movie.

Nandos! Oh how i love Nandos. What a brilliant food chain……mmmmm…..spicy chicken.

THEN we wnet to see Star Trek.

WOW…………yes i said WOW

It was great. Being brought up on the show, it gave me a real sense of nostalgia. With all the lame back-stories going around (like Wolverine) i was expecting this to be a bit rubish but i really really enjoyed it. Thelevels of reference to the original series was amazing from the obvious to the ever so subtle.

I don’t really wanna give anything away for hose who have not seen it so I’ll stop here…


What the Robinsons have been watching

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Watchmen - Movie

Watchmen - Movie

Watchmen – We went to see this l night an it was very very good. Despite not having read the graphic novel i still really enjoyed it.

Reviews had said it i a complicated story in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way. While it was certainly not your run-of-the-mill superheroes story it was incredibly dark and more complex than your usual batman/spiderman story.

One of the things i loved about it was some of the accurate violence. while it was intensely violent some of the scenes were “super-hero” over the top but others were very raw nd real.  This film isn’t afraid to show bones breaking and piercing skin.

I loved how the Dr Manhattan’s use of tele-kenisis was effortless. There was no strain – just an understanding of the laws governing matter and an ability to manipulate that. a step up from Peter Patrellies forced effort to move objects of size-able mass.

All the characters were really strong and well played. It was a 2 hour film where i didnt get bored in the last 45mins. All in all-  a surprisingly brilliant film.

Go see it but know that there is very VERY graphic violence


Jack: 24 - Season 7

Jack: 24 - Season 7

24 – Season 7 – Firstly i need to pay due respects to my wifey type person who, up until lat august had never watched 24 at all. She has managed to watch all of seasons 1-6 since then. We have just recently started watching season 7.

Actually – we watched Redemption first. I thought that was a bit…..wet. Now I dont wanna give away spoilers so forgive me if i’m vague here.

Generally I’m feeling really let down. The best word i can give to season 7, especially when you compare it to previous seasons, is: DULL! . It jus doesn’t have the same edginess and Jack instead of being our Hero feels like a bit of a loser to be honest. I think its down to the idea that he seems to be so far gone from being in touch with humanity.

It is still worth watchin just t see who’s back and in what context – yadda  yadda but be prepared to be disappointed.


Lost Season 4

Lost Season 4

Lost – Season 4: We hae a lovefilm account and this was on our list. I think we put it thee out of interest but not a keen desire to see it. Lost had become such a ridiculous series where the random and obscure just became too much. As a result i wasnt expecting too much from this.

BUT……I’m loving it! It seems the writers have learnt their lesson and have come round to the fact that too much randomness IS a bad thing. It has picked up nicely and the new developments blend themselves well in beginning to explain the complexities of the previous seasons’ random occurrences.

I would even say to those who got fed up with it and gave up – give it another go.

So far so good

Go watch it.


Heroes Season 3

Heroes Season 3

Heroes -Season 3: Thanks to the joys of BBC iplayer we have been able to keep up with Heroes.

Its still good fun but am waiting to see what develops with plot.

I want i to be good. I  am remembering back t that evening a few years ago when i  first watched it online and i watched 6 episodes back to back – got to bed at 5am.

Because of that initial realisation of amazingness i think i’ll always be a fan.




ER – Last Series: Ruth has always been of ER – i think any woman is. Any show thats responsible for delivering a heart-throb will always end up lovin said show.

Anyway – i have always been fond of it but i was never one to run home for it – mind you, these days that concept is almost extinct.

Anyway, again, this lt series has been really great. It was good seeing Mark Green appear earlier in the series as a taster.Can yo believe it has been going since 1994 with a remarkable 14 Seasons! – 14


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So this eve I went to see “the persuit of happiness” with my sister. It was………gooood if a little slow. In fact it was very slow. It was quite a moving story that one can identify with easily but it lacked a kick to it. The final resolve to the film didnt make up for the depression i was drawn into and i left feeling really down and depressed actually.

I cant help but think it woould have been better if they had used an unknown actor. Will Smith jus didnt really suit the profile when you remember the Fresh Prince days. A good DVD rental but not worth the cinema experience.

Also got to see my Ruth which was kewl!

Hot Fuzz

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We went to see this last night! It was excellent! It didnt quite have the consistent laughs as Shaun of the Dead but it was still stupidly funny. There were some parts that were just a little slow and others where it was cheap comedy. I know thats what they do best but they’ve always been good with holding back gags for the sake of cracking one but in this there were a few that didnt work for me. It is well worth watching though and i recommend it highly!