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  • Four Months

    Four Months
  • Three Months

    Three Months
  • Two Months

    Two Months
  • One Month

    One Month
  • I’d like to introduce you…

    I’d like to introduce you…

    I’d like to introduce you to my daughter and my son. On the right we have Oisín (pronounced Usheen) Mark who was born at 10:50 am weighing 6lb 12oz. His beautiful little sister followed quickly. Aoibheanna (pronounced Eveanna) Lesley weighing 4lbs 12oz came in the same style by C-Section. Ruth was amazing! The birth was […]

  • Love Ireland

    Love Ireland LOOOOOOOVE this video.

  • Just becasue….

    No explanation needed!

  • An amazing day after 22 years

    I love my wife! I also love Silver Strand! I also really love my Family. Put them all together and you’ve got the ingredients for an amazing day and this day was exactly that. We’re in Ireland for Dad’s retirement party which is tomorrow. Dad had the genius idea for us all to pile in […]

  • A day that changed everything…. @rufus2612

    This day 5 years ago was a day that changed everything. This exact time 5 years ago I was feeling a bit nervous. I was a little excited. I had butterflies. I was thinking about my first date with Ruth that was going to take place later that eve in Acton. I could never have […]

  • Yesterday’s Anniversary

    So y’day was our 3rd anniversary and while i wished my wife loving wishes on FB I didn’t really do much here on the site so I thought `I’d make it by taking a screen grab of her profile which captured my über clever awesomeness on her behalf. It has been a bit busy with […]

  • Christmas Eve – Gallery

    Christmas Eve – Gallery

    This year we spent Christmas with Shirley & David.Thankfully the roads had cleared and we were able to drive down to Devon to spend it with them. Christmas eve was lovely. Because of all the snow David was able to take us for a walk down on Saunton Golf Course which is whee he usually […]

  • Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Family, Friends, Colleagues & Acquaintances, The Robinsons wish you a Merry Christmas; eCard video stylee. [vimeo][/vimeo]

  • Happy Birthday Bro

    Happy Birthday Bro

    I love my Brother – Tom Robinson is awesome. My post last year holds the best sentiment (and i’m about to go and leave for our holiday) Thankful for my Bro – Happy Birthday Bro

  • Out with wifey

    Ruth and I had a lovely day out in Henley on the Bank Holiday Monday. We went down to Henley. It was weird being there without Mom & Dad and not calling in on the Swiss Farm Camp Site. We realised that it was the previous years bank holiday when we were down there and […]

  • And today is why there is HOPE!

    Easter Sunday today – WOW! Today is the reason there is HOPE, Today is the reason we are FREE, Today is the reason we know what LOVE is, Today is the reason to BE. Today is the reason to Celebrate that JESUS is ALIVE.

  • I Can Do Poetry Too – All 20

    A friend of my wife has a fiance who writes her lots of lovely poetry. My wife saw this and thought it would be really lovely that i might do the same for her. I guess she the 50 Reasons series was not quite enough. I’m working on an idea for another series called “Which […]