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Ten Years Blogging Yo!!

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I started my first ever blog post with the title “Welcome to ma website Yo!!” It seems fitting to mark the tenth anniversary of my blogging life.

While most of the older posts make me want to shove my fist in my mouth as I appreciate how much of a dork I used to be. All the past relationships, the manic rants, the forlorn prose all point towards the simple success of this blog and what I started it for.

This blog was never going to be something I wanted to be successful in the sense of numbers of visits (although secretly I celebrated every hit with triumphant bliss). The main function was to (b)log my life so that I would be able to look back and see where/how-far I’ve come.

It does that pretty well and I enjoy being able to look back.

Seeing as this is the tenth year I thought I’d go with the cliché of listing a ten:

Ten most popular posts (it depresses me that a Facebook related post is at the top):

New Facebook screenshot 3,284
7 Deadly Sins Comparitor Chart 1,081
Thankful For Jesus 977
CTOTD: 30 Magical Examples of Natural Light Photography 924
DIY Why? – The Upcycled Futon 3 of 8 618
Enable Hotspot on Orange HTC Desire 557
Faith, Loss & Due Dates 547
Oaktree 24/7 Prayer Room 441
CTOTD: Beautiful Architectural Photography 340
DIY Why? – The Drop Leaf Table 6 of 8 300

And here be some basic stats about the site:

  • has had over 67k views
  • has had 1890+ posts
  • has had 1800+ images uploaded
  • has had 350+ comments

New Ident for Digital Creative

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Idents are an important part of a production companies a**enal. They are a way of attributing work in  an impactful way and over the years I’ve made several different ones:

The first ident I created for my own purposes was the one for Mediachill which I was proud of at the time:

Then I wanted to created one for my blog as I was posting more stuff online and I was doing these silly vlogs (this period of vlogging didn’t last long) and this was the resulting ident:

That evolved into an equally silly ident several years later which I really like technically. I may even keep the ide of this one for something later but my face just doesn’t cut it:

Since then I’ve created a few more for other clients but I still hadn’t gotten down to creating an ident for Digital Creative. I had created a closing graphic arrangement which was good for sticking on the end of things but there was no real presence and didn’t fully represent what I feel DC is all about.

Today is different!

I was able to finally think about what I wanted and what would represent DC well. I wanted edginess, punchiness and attitude and I wanted something that reeked of professionalism but was also cool.

This is the new ident for Mark Robinson Digital Creative:

What do you think? What would you want in your own ident?

9 Years Old!

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Today is the 9th birthday of this blog which is quite unbelievable for me. I started this blog with the intent of having an archive to look back on and it has been doing exactly that much to the cost of my pride. It’s been very humbling to look back on some posts where i was very clearly exuding youthful arrogance.

It’s really great to see how far I’ve come….

Some stats for you:

In the last 9 years this site:

  • has had over 60k views
  • has had 1800+ posts
  • has had 1700+ images uploaded
  • has had 300+ comments

The most popular post on this site was and is: Faith Loss & Due Dates.

 And here’s some old links:

18 Years

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I just realised that today marks the 18th anniversary of my leaving Ireland and moving to the UK.

What’s interesting is that all my immediate family are actually all over in Dublin this weekend. Sandra and Angie had organised to go over for the weekend to get some time with Mom. It was also Mom and Dad’s first opportunity to meet my newest niece, Hannah-Grace. My bro Tom had to go over for work.

Me? Not so lucky…but then again… I am. I have an amazing wife and a good life here in the UK and while it could always be better I do feel blessed.

I’m thankful for all I have.

Would have been nice to have a family get together though! 😉

I’m selling my B17 Frame

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I’m selling my B17 frame.

Since I bought the GED frame this year and built it up the B17 frame has been sat in the corner of the kitchen collecting dust and the time has come for it to go to a new home where someone will take care of her well.

This is a 17.5″ Marin B 17 Frame with the original Fox Vanilla shock. 

It was re-sprayed red a few years ago.

It also comes with a Hope Seat clamp and a sawn-off Identiti Seat clamp. Don’t know how long it is as I did it rough by hand and always had the seat down.

It is EPIC! I had it built up as a free-riding rig and it was awesome. It’s just so amazingly plush with 5/6 inches of travel and it’s bombproof!

This will make an awesome Downhill or FreeRide Rig!

It can be found on eBay here:

Here are two shots of when it was built up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More photos of the frame:

Good Hair

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This is a photo of me about 7/8 years ago with a great friedn giving me a smacker on the cheek.

This photo represents what I feel was my best ever hair stage.

As opposed to not so good hair:

Photo of the Day & Info overload

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So this weekend has been a great and wonderful one. When i got home on Friday eve i was feeling really stressed out after a bit of a difficult week. I really needed to have some time to relax and recharge. That has been achieved to a degree. We are still in real need of a full break. We have not had a proper break this year for just the two of us. Hopefully we’ll get something soon.

All this has had me feeling a lil wound-up generally but it was a friend who said something today. We were talking about the documentary series that has featured on BBC2  Recently called “The Big Silence“. This series has been looking in to the effects of our busy lives and it encouraged the participants to bring some silence in to their lives. This equated to some dramatic positive effects. The conversation we had earlier was also suggestive of the same sentiment. We fill our lives up with so much noise that it becomes difficult to relax, to be quiet, to hear from God.

So, this is where i ma. I need to cut some stuff out. My life is so full of stuff that i dont need. Now, I love my news feeds. They are a constant source of really great information and inspiration but the problem is that it is constant.

It needs to stop.

We all need to stop…..

Stop and listen.


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So over the last week or so i was considering taking part in Movember but in the end i decided not to.

Why not?

I spent last week letting my top lip’s ample furriness grow out a bit and then on Friday I trimmed all but the tache. I realised i looked like a dork but i also realsied something a lil more disturbing. My focus on this was for wrong.

My motivation was not based on helping those who have been affected by prostate cancer at all. My motivation was based in wondering how I would look with a mustache. Mainly a handlebar. This makes me a bit of an idiot. So instead of doing something half baked I’m going to drop it completely and concentrate on the stuff i do well and effectively.

It’s scary how fickle and whimsical I can be in some things. I like to try a lot of things but sticking to them is harder. There are a lot of unfinished projects out there by your truly and it troubles me that this wasted time could have been put to use in a much better way.

At the very least i can try harder to be more purposeful in my choices and activities.

I thought i’d mention it to the world in-case some one random happens across it and wishes to take part.

Have you ever done anything for the wrong motivation?

Pray for Amy

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I just read this post from Carlos Whittaker on his blog Ragamuffin Soul:

On Sunday, May 23, Amy Wooddell suffered a stroke and underwent 7.5 hours of surgery to remove the clotting in her basil artery. Additionally they found that her right vertebral artery was torn and was repaired with a stint. She awoke responsive and could even whisper her own name. However, a few hours later her brain began to bleed resulting in an emergency procedure to relieve inner cranial pressure. On Monday, May 24 she was comatose with brain function of only 3 (normal is 15) and it was uncertain that she would survive.

But she did.

On Tuesday, May 25, Amy was considered in stable condition and brain activity began to increase (between 5-7) but was still in and out of consciousness. Inner-cranial pressure had dropped from high 20s on Sunday night down to 1 on Tuesday night. She is responding through blinking (made direct eye contact with Jonny (her husband) on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning blinked 5 times in response to “Amy, blink a bunch of times if you want Jonny to buy you lots of diamonds” and 3 times for “I love you”). And she is now breathing on her own 8 out of 18 breaths a minute.

But she’s been unable to move her limbs. A recent MRA is showing some blood in near her brain stem which is hindering motor skill movement.

Amy is only 24 years old and has been married to Jonny for 4 months. She is also an accomplished dancer.

While we are seeing God’s healing touch on Amy, we know she has a long ways to go and any permanent damage is still unknown. We are asking for your prayers for Amy’s complete healing.

More information can be found at or by following her husband’s updates on twitter at

I then went on and looked at the website and found it to be very very moving.

The i read the guys twitter page – WOW!

Get your pray on everybody!

Facebooks privacy settings in a map

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Click the pics to see originals!

It is rather interesting what Facebook has been doing with their changes. What I always find hilarious is how people complain about it.

  • Yes FB is using your data for marketing
  • Yes FB is letting other big companies see your info
  • Yes FB is using your data for its own gain!

But what everyone seems to miss is the point that no-one is paying for the service! It’s free!People need to realise that when using a free service that it will not be kept fully private. If you post something on-line then you must expect that it will be shared.

It’s kinda like being invited to dinner at someones house then having a go at them when they tell their other friends what a good time you all had. Its rediculous!

The point is that FB is a free service so no-one can really justly moan about when they change the service!

(Img Source)

I am Hypersonic.

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Apparently i am way faster than Supersonic!!! And so is my wife and Jo. Last night i was using google maps on my phone to find our way to the Hustings. on our way there my GPS went a bit mental.

I don’t know why – it just went berserk. It went all over the place.

I wanted to know if my latitude account would track these weird locations that the GPS told me we were in which it only partially did. It recorded our trip to Wales and back which took about 2 mins. Not that long at all then – i dunno why more people don’t just pop over to Wales.

You can clearly see in the image above that at 7:35pm we were in W3 and then at 7:37pm we were in Wales! It felt as if we were in Acton the whole time!. Google Maps says that the distance for the most direct journey from the Swansea postcode to my own one is a distance of 187 miles.

187 miles in 2 mins

93.5 miles in 1 min

5610 miles in 1 hour!


The Mach number is commonly used both with objects traveling at high speed in a fluid, and with high-speed fluid flows inside channels such as nozzles, diffusers or wind tunnels. As it is defined as a ratio of two speeds, it is a dimensionless number. At a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, the speed of sound is 340.3 m/s[2] (1225 km/h, or 761.2 mph, or 661.5 knots, or 1116 ft/s) in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Regime Subsonic Transonic Sonic Supersonic Hypersonic High-hypersonic
Mach <1.0 0.8-1.2 1.0 1.0-5.0 5.0-10.0 >10.0

7 times the speed of sound =



(info source)