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  • Feel Good Inc Live Remix


  • Creep

    [youtube] Warning – swearing

  • 777

    Funky Dancing to begin with but then he rips it up.

  • Down the Burning Ropes Remix

    [soundcloud url=”″]

  • What I’m listening to today

  • Best Xylaphone ever!


  • Matisyahu – Use Somebody

    Matisyahu – Use Somebody
  • Matt Redman – Chillout Remixish

    So Yesterday there was a massive spark flowing through the interwebs which was inspired by Justin Bieber. No, I’m not talking about him being hit in the head with a crowd launched projectile. It was the thing about him sounding quite epically brilliant. Sadly this is not necessarily anything to do with his own talent […]

  • Brilliant Video Re-do

  • Awesome Remixing

    This guy Pogo is on another planet of skills. He takes the sounds from a movie and strictly will only use those samples to create these awesome tunes: Terminator 2: Skynet Symphonic Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: Scrumdiddlyumptious The King & I: Anna

  • Thankful for Music

    pic source Music Growing up in a musical family has given me a huge appreciation for all music. Music has been a common source of entertainment, inspiration and good times for human beings sinc the dawn of man. I can’t imagine what the workld would be like with out it. ROCK ON! Check out my […]

  • One Take Wonder

    This is all done in one take and it’s great. A lil rough around the edges but its still amazing. [vimeo][/vimeo]

  • tunage and photoage

    I’m working on sorting out my photos and music. Over the weekend i managed to clear up my MP3 collection. Over the years i’ve managed to store my music on various different drives. They were not all the same collections either. To sort this i pulled them all onto one drive thus creating alot of […]

  • No longer a Youff

    On Saturday night, Wifey and i went down to Thornbury in Bristol for Our Niece Catherine’s 18th Birthday party. It was a really great part but i do have to say I was shocked in to the reality of my age in a big way. The party itself was good fun. We drank quite a […]

  • jump jump

    [youtube width=”425″ height=”335″] [youtube width=”425″ height=”335″] in celebration of a new layout.

  • I found an Old tune i made…

    Back in the day I used to try and write some Drum & Bass tunes. JP and I would spend hours on these tracks but all of mine were…well….s**t basically. This track is probably the only tune that was every any good and that had potential. I wrote the music over a few days and […]