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Matt Redman – Chillout Remixish

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So Yesterday there was a massive spark flowing through the interwebs which was inspired by Justin Bieber.

No, I’m not talking about him being hit in the head with a crowd launched projectile. It was the thing about him sounding quite epically brilliant. Sadly this is not necessarily anything to do with his own talent or lack thereof. The brunt of it was that one of his tunes was slowed down by 800% and it came out like  a beautiful epic piece of brilliance.

So I made my own one using Matt Redman’s “We Shall Not Be Shaken” – click play below.


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Awesome Remixing

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This guy Pogo is on another planet of skills. He takes the sounds from a movie and strictly will only use those samples to create these awesome tunes:
Terminator 2: Skynet Symphonic

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: Scrumdiddlyumptious

The King & I: Anna

Thankful for Music

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 boombox1pic source


Growing up in a musical family has given me a huge appreciation for all music. Music has been a common source of entertainment, inspiration and good times for human beings sinc the dawn of man. I can’t imagine what the workld would be like with out it.


Check out my page to see my rather eclectic taste in music

Thank you Jesus for music

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day

tunage and photoage

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touch meI’m working on sorting out my photos and music.

Over the weekend i managed to clear up my MP3 collection. Over the years i’ve managed to store my music on various different drives. They were not all the same collections either. To sort this i pulled them all onto one drive thus creating alot of duplication on top of the silly duplications i’d made.

After pulling these into iTunes it said i had 34456 MP3’s. Spme albums had du[plicated 6 imes. I had 7 copies of “The Bends”…..SEVEN!?!?!

I have now managed to whittle this down to about 7500. It was an arduous task but well worth it. Was also well wort seeing all the music i listen too and i was able to admire my own taste. Vanity at the up-most but it is my collection so I’m allowed to like it.

Now I’m in the process of sorting through Photos. When i started sorting through th photos a couple of weeks ago I had almost 25000. I’m getting rid of all the crap photos of blurriness and stuff like that. I used to have mentality of keep everything. Even blurry ones. It may come in handy. After sifting hrough over a thousand images i realized that whatever creative outlet might need blurry photos was probably capable of creating an NEW blurry photo should the need arise.

The other plan is to upload them all. There is room on this site for it s I may as well. I can create better galleries now and use the site as an online storage area for them. We will see.


I’ve realised that there seems to be alot of photo duplication and i cant seem to view my RAW images wit adobe bridge…..cretinousnous!

No longer a Youff

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On Saturday night, Wifey and i went down to Thornbury in Bristol for Our Niece Catherine’s 18th Birthday party. It was a really great part but i do have to say I was shocked in to the reality of my age in a big way.

The party itself was good fun. We drank quite a bit and danced alot. It was the music that was the kicker. There was this bunch of Young ladies all dancing to utter rubbish! Now I have never and willn  never claim to have the

best taste in music but i know i do have at least some standards and te music the pervy DJ was playing was really dire BUT – they loved it! It was confusing as I wanted to dance but every other tune was dreadful. At one point the DJ started to play some decent house and hard house in a vintage way so i requested some “Faithless“. Now remember the point that Faithless are one of the best house acts ever but did these kids ge it?


The dance-floor emptied…….

tumbleweed tumbled….. ok it didnt but it felt like it should have! I felt OLD!

I realised that in the same breath i had called a bunch of 18 year olds kids, wondered why these “kids” didnt appreciate some “real” music and i thought that there was far too much flesh on display for the age range present…..

OH MY WORD! Have I passed it? In reality I realise that maybe i’ve finally arrived fully in adulthood and I can take this two ways. I can consider it the beginning of the end and tha life is all own hill from here, or I can look back an appreciate the great times I had as a “Youff” but also look froward to the amazing times that are to come.

On a more hilarious note: Classic prankage:

Hair Dryer Powder Prank

jump jump

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[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]

in celebration of a new layout.

I found an Old tune i made…

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Back in the day I used to try and write some Drum & Bass tunes. JP and I would spend hours on these tracks but all of mine were…well….s**t basically. This track is probably the only tune that was every any good and that had potential. I wrote the music over a few days and then one night had a dream about the melody and on waking up the following morning i remembered it so i recorded it straight away.

Its rubbish and my singing is awful but the baseline is PHAT! BOOYAH!

This is the result.