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  • We are a GO on babies!

    We are a GO on babies!

    AND IT’S TWINS! After a VERY long, painful, emotional and arduous journey Ruth and I are so happy to let the world know that in October, two tiny shiny new Robinson’s will be making their debut. This past Wednesday we went in to Queen Charlottes for Ruth’s 11 week scan and we were both able […]

  • Under sink storage #POTD

    Inspired by this pin, I was on a mission this morning to sort the mess that was our under-sink cupboard. We took a trip to IKEA and purchased a Bygel Rail and a small container which resulted in a really great solution.

  • WOHOO! We have our 101 Winner @NewWineUK

    WOHOO! We have our 101 Winner @NewWineUK

    A while back I had the idea of a giveaway to celebrate the fact that I’ve had a lot of work on. WE HAVE A WINNER! The guys at New Wine hit the sweet spot their timing was perfect which feels great as they have been a brilliant regular client over the last 2 years […]

  • I am LOVING Vine!

    If you haven’t checked out Vine yet then you should! I flippin LOVE it! The above was taken during this eve’s film club.

  • 101 Jobs Give away

    101 Jobs Give away

    Work has gone quite well since beginning back in August 2011. We’re still not earning huge amounts but its been growing steadily. This has been massively encouraging and I’ve loved every minute of it…..except the minutes that were really stressful! I operate a job numbering system to help me keep track of invoices, estimates and […]

  • Happy Birthday WordPress

    Happy Birthday WordPress

    It’s the tenth WordPress of the awesome and brilliant WordPress platform. WordPress has been a key tool for me over the past few years and has become an essential tool in my a**enal. I use it for both personal and professional clients and it has been the platform on which this site has been based […]

  • 9 Years Old!

               Today is the 9th birthday of this blog which is quite unbelievable for me. I started this blog with the intent of having an archive to look back on and it has been doing exactly that much to the cost of my pride. It’s been very humbling to look back on some posts where i was very clearly exuding youthful arrogance. It’s really great […]

  • Silver Strand Here We COME!!!!

    View Larger Map We are going here soon for 10 days! I am so ridiculously excited!!!!! Here’s a wee video I found: [youtube] And here’s something that’s “TWEE”tastic! – [youtube]

  • Baby Monkey, Riding on a Pig

    Baby Monkey, Riding on a Pig

    You know when you see something so amazing that you wish you had created it yourself? This is the most EPIC film you will watch this year! This is where it came from

  • Gettin Creative and lovin it!

    Here’s a screen grab of a small piece I’m doing for Tearfund which, so far,  I’m really happy with. I’ll link to the final page and video once its up and live.

  • Pimp my Narrow Boat

    So After the rush of dealing with a client today we all left the office to help Hilary move her boat up the canal and it was bliss!

  • This is what i dream about

    I can’t wait to get my bike sorted. Seeing as i will be commuting and there are the jumps across the river at Teddington Lock I envisage me relearning how to get big air again:

  • Being Creative with Photo of the Day

    So I’ve been doing Photo Of The Day now since the 30th of March and i’ve only missed out on a few dates. These misses have mostly been down to not being able to actually connect to the interwebs. I’m quite happy with this project actually. The point of it has been to force myself […]

  • Weekend

    We had a great weekend this week. On Sat afternoon we went and hung out with T and Andy and we had a brilliant time. They were so very very good at holding back their big announcment and while Ruth and I had guessed that they had gotten engaged we did well not to ask! […]


    As it says on the tin!

  • who wants to (google) wave

    I just got my google wave invite accepted and i have 8 invites to give out – who wants an invite then?