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  • The Orange FAIL Saga: Series #whatever…

    The Orange FAIL Saga: Series #whatever…

    Over the past 2 weeks from 13th May I knew my contract was coming up for renewal so I started to think about what I would want to do next. I’ve been thinking about getting a Galaxy Note II as it would fulfil all my requirements and more! My current contract, which I originally signed back in August 2008, is […]

  • Ten Years with Orange

    Ten Years with Orange

    This morning I received the above text message. Wow… I’m speechless. I’m struggling with how to react. I decided to read the terms which made me almost lol with great volume in the office (…I stipulate almost as it really wasn’t that emotional an event): £5 free credit terms and conditions 1. This offer is […]

  • Orange have seen the light!!!

    Orange have indeed seen the light and have sorted me out. I got a call y’day from the last honest girl i spoke to back on Thursday when the phone died completely. What her Team Leader has managed to do is to push my contract to the end so i’m now technically in a rolling […]

  • Orange, Finally an address to write to..

    THE ORANGE FAIL SAGA I thought i’d post the mailing address that i have been recommended using. The lovely staff member i spoke to y’day told me that the systems is a biut pants and in order to really get somewhere i should try this address: Compliance Team, Astral House, Orange PLC, Senhouse Road, Lingfield […]

  • Phone Phail – Yet again!

    THE ORANGE FAIL SAGA CONTINUETH it continues! Faults on this 2nd Vivaz handset: Random Hanging up during calls but especially just after picking up calls. Constant Dialing a call failure constant crashing / rebooting – at least 2-3 times a day. inconsistent connection to mail accounts GPS is inconsistent Auto Screen orientation has slowed down […]

  • The Orange Fail SAGA serialization!

    COMING SOON! THE ORANGE FAIL SAGA With the on going saga or rather my ongoing battle with Orange I have come up with series of posts. I know how you have  all enjoyed the serialized posts to date. 50 Reasons & Poetry Too boosted the traffic to this website a long way so I thank […]

  • New phone not working…AGAIN!!!!

    All i really want is a phone that works! Is that too much to ask? I’ve had it just over a week and it has been failing me over and over and over…. Constant Crashing Constant freezing Not booting with USB plugged in Video recording freezes Sound goes out of sync with recorded video Screen […]

  • So I wont be getting an iPhone then…

    The past few days have been quite stressful actually due to my quest to see if I can get an iphone as my upgrade! Orange, YET AGAIN. have failed me… Bless them but  they have about as much integrity as a spoon trying to be a marshmallow. They have this deal on their website which […]

  • Phone Phail

    I am awaiting reciept of my 3rd Nokia N95 8GB. About a month ago i got fed up with the phone locking up on me and not functioning as it should so i rang Orange and told them i was having problems. They went through some diagnostics and confirmed that the phone said it had […]

  • ok – maybe not so idiotic

    I just got a call from an Orange Representative. She was cool! They want to help me sort this all out. – Maybe not so bad after all.

  • It’s happened again – Orange being idiotic….

    I just wrote tem this and sent it… To whom it may concern, Re: phone/contract issues: Acc No: xxxxxxxxx. I have a problem. It is to do with the fact that Orange Customer Service staff seems unable to think outside the box. When faced with an issue that does not fit the standard fixes they […]

  • L I V I D I T Y!!!!!

    I have been off the planet for 2 days due to the f**king IDIOTS that are Orange!!! 2 weeks ago I rang Orange to check to see if I could change my talk plan with them. I wanted to move onto one of their apparently super duper animal talk plans. On the face of it […]