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The acrid, poisonous smoke of this poorly targeted burning flyer represents the people behind it. The smell of smoke lingered in the house for the rest of the day leaving a nasty taste in the mouth… Much like #Brexit itself.Inaccurate information, deliberately misleading and NigelFarage. It's like they're deliberately trying to do the worst possible job.But of all the people to target, why me? It's proof of their desperate attempts to fend of the growing support for a #secondreferendumTo suggest more democracy is undemocratic (protecting our democracy) is just bonkers. If they're so sure of themselves then they shouldn't be scared/bothered/offended by a second referendum.Also I'm pretty sure this a data GDPR issue so I will be reporting them. #YouShouldToo#NotInMyHouse #BollocksToBrexit #imeuropean #EU #Europe #TogetherWeStand #BetterTogether

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