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February 2009


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I find myself a little perplexed at the idea that people dont like snow! I’vebeen hearing so much on the radio about people moaning about it! Man – Chill Out – and yes Pun intended.

Have some photos of the snow:

The Weather

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While I’ve been loving this weather I am now faced with he challenge of trying to figure out whether or not I am going to get trapped at work or not. I made it it fine but as I drove up the M1 the weather and rode conditions got steadily worse. Hemel is a massive ice rink!

Jevan has found out that its gonnab impossible for him to get a train home so i will give him a lift bac down to London. BUT the question is will it snow again or do e needto go sooner rather than later and risk getting trapped here!

I really dont like te iea of that especially seeing as ##Wifey is ill!

I am also a little concerned as to just hpw much work i’ll get done at home.

taking shape

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After the sucessof the oaktree site I am trying to redo this site now too.

It’s pushing my limitations of php/html coding but its great and i am happy with resuklts so far.

The most dificult bit wll be skinning the whole thing to something suitable….