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July 2015

9 Months

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IMG_20150702_145018sEveryday when I get up, I go downstairs and Ruth and I have to figure out whose turn it is to go in to the babies bedroom first.

You see when we do this, they have usually been awake for a little while and when we open that door, whoever goes first gets to see their little heads popping up to see us. That person also gets to see the first big grins, hear the giggles of excitement that we are there and also see the inevitable face-planting where their sleep suits don’t quite give enough grip to let them hold themselves up.

Today my babies are 9 months old. I remember the first few weeks when getting beyond the end of the week seemed like an impossible mission but we got through it and when I look back, it’s been amazing.

I thank our family, our OakTree family and all our friends for the epic levels of support they all gave us and continue to give.

I thank my son Oisín for the delight he brings me on a daily basis through his smiles, enthusiasm for everything, crawling prowess, hilarious mood swings and his general rough and tumble demeanour.

I thank my daughter Aoibheanna for her ridiculous levels of cuteness, toothy grin, chilled out vibes and the way she lights up when I walk in to the room.

I thank my wife Ruth for her strength, wisdom, resilience, perseverance and love.

I thank Jesus for all that I have and without whom, nothing would be.