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October 2015

12 Months

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Today feels like the most significant birthday I’ve ever celebrated for someone. It feels quite selfish to say so because it’s my babies’ and not some other significant others. Having not been too fond of my own birthdays over many years to find myself feeling so exciting for this one seems unreal. Last year my birthday was a week after the babies were born but I was so tired, so emotional and so much in shock that the days blazed by and I have no memory of it at all so today is different.

Today our babies turn one!

I cannot believe we made it – there were times that it didn’t seem possible. It didn’t seem like we would ever make it but we did.

We made it because of you!

Thank you to our firends who helped us when we needed it, advised us when we asked and sympathised when we cried. The support you gave us on this journey got us through. Thank you for loving our babies.

Thank you to our families who love them in that way that only family can. We have loved your support, prayers and praise.

Thank you to my wife – Ruth – You are an EPIC ÜBER ROCKSTAR of a woman. I cannot even begin to name the ways you have amazed, wowed and impressed me over this past year. Your resilience is mind-blowing, your wisdom is endless, your patience is vast and your beauty is unfathomable.

Thank you God – without you, their miracle of life would have never been. Thank you for the gift that hey are.

Thank you!