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May 2011

First injury on new ride POTD

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Attempting my first mini drop-off on the new bike my trainer decided to go on a different journey that didn’t include me thus encourging my shin to attempt to take over the pedal work.

Need practice me…and to the up my laces better and tighter.

The new ride – POTD

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Still got stuff to sort on it but the initial play on the street outside is that it’ll be fun fun fun.

Chain line is way off. Cranks need full tightening Saddle angle needs adjustments Rear mech cable needs to stretch out.

Naked frame. POTD

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With the new frame arriving any day now, I stripped down the B17 when I got home from work and it only took about 40 mins.

Was scary how loose the bottom bracket and the main pivot bolts were but nothing to worry about.

Gotta clean up the frame now and the parts and get them all grit free. Also got the task of removing the race crown from the fork which will be fun.

I’ll be selling the frame with the headset, seat-clamp and seat-pin on eBay so watch out for links and more photos.