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July 2011

Cambodia Film for Summer Madness

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This is the official film I made for the Summer Madness from the footage I shot in Cambodia.

I intend to produce a different postcard version of this footage sometime soon.

I just got on Google+

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I was invited to Google+. I clicked the link and accepted the invite eagerly and I have that feeling I had when I first signed up to facebook. Lots of positive anticipation but a niggle that it won’t really take off.

I have really high hopes for Google+. It’s not that I have anything against facebook but I hope that this will either make facebook up their game on their user experience or that Google+ would wipe the floor and get rid of them. I don’t wanna have to cope with managing 2 major social media networks.

Google has a lot going for it. They have their a**enal of apps with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, YouTube, Reader, Picasa etc… If they can integrate all this smoothly then I can see myself running with Google+ and leaving the latter.

However it aint that clear cut! It depends on what the masses do. 600million users are not going to jump ship over night! I suspect a lot of people will leave FB because so many are no longer happy with the privacy transparency issues. Some will leave becuase of the great circles tool in Google+ which allows you to take much more control over who sees what in your profile and your wall.

I think this is gonna be an interesting couple of months watching what happens. Lets see who wins!?!?!

Ugali #POTD

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It’s been International Fortnight these last two weeks here at Tearfund which means loads of our people who work all over the word come back to Teddington.

Today lunch was an African BBQ and I tried the Ugali. Ugali is not a meat or anything exotic. In fact it’s utterly disappointing but it was good to try it.

Ugali is a kind of a maize based mash..or rather mush. It looks quite like mashed potatoes and has a similar consistency but that’s where the similarities end. It tastes of blandness. If you imagine what it would be like to eat really watered down smash that had no saltiness then that’s what it tastes of.

This is eaten all over the African continent and comes under many different names depending on where you are. It’s interesting to have tried something that is a staple for so many.