Rent is due and i have no money!!! – AAAARGH. I think i may have to give my dad a bell and ask for some assistance. I’ve been busy so work is thereish. I’m working on a site for a restaurant in Hammersmith. Working with a friend of mine: Nick, who’s an excellent graphics designer type. Almost there now so hopefully that should be cool BUT as usual it’s a s**tty paying job. However I have to arrange updates as this will be needed with weekly menu changes. We shall see.


We all went to a pub quiz last night (we as in the flat) and we won the quiz. The team that usually win were not impressed. Seeing as we were so pleased with ourselves we continued drinking til the wee hours which resulted in a bit of a mess. I woke up this morning wanting to die but it was well worth it. Was a great eve.


Had poker this eve and I held my own. I decided to go all in on a poor bet though as I needed out to work on the aforementioned site. Bob and Megan had issues which was the highlight of the eve.


It’s late now- I go sleep!

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