Stupid stupid STUPID PC

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Earlier I was able to print and now I’ve been trying to print one doc for the past hour!!!!!

Mac’s dont have this problem – Why are you so annoyingly slow and cumbersome Windows XP?

Dodgy Organisations:

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 Screen shot 2009-12-09 at 10.59.13

I’m sitting on the couch watching day time TV and along with that comes the daytime TV advertising. The above website was advertised with a great positive message. Here’s the idea:

If you have a bill to pay but your pay cheque has not come through yet to pay the bill then this site will give you a small load to pay that bill.

It souds pretty innocent except for the fact that the small print pn the screen stated a ludcrious APR percentage:

APR: 2356%

That is absolutely ridiculous! Can anyone spot the organisation trying to take advantage of people in a desperate situation   and completely screwing them in the process!!!!

Having done the CAP money course this just stinks and i would advise anyone finding themselves ever in this situation considering an option like this or looking at the option of consolidating their debts to STOP & THINK! Go check out the CAP website instead.

Rear-Ending Shots

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It feels like only days since we got the car back from the last in incident when those chaps tore a hole in the door and then this morning as we pulled out of a motorway services car park we got Rear-Ended. The chap was very nice and simple about it – it was a straight up incident so we pulled over and exchanged details. I took some snaps and we were done in about 3 mins.

Such a faff to sort out though!






Robyn’s been hurt!!!

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 _IGP7578There i was in a waking up haze standing in front of the toilet bowl doing “the business” when i heard from out  side the low drawl of a diesel engine coupled with a man’s voice shouting: “WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOOOAAAA STOOOOP!” and then a crunch!

My immediate thought was that i’d parked the car across the street rather than the usual space and so it would have been in the direct line of sight for a lorry collision. As i was in the middle of…um…something…. i couldn’t run out and see. Once i was able i rushed to the window in the living room to see. The trees obscured my vision but everything looked ok. I then went to the bedroom to find wifey looking out the bedroom window. I told her i though it looked ok but she said she thought she’d noticed the trim was gone from th car door.

I took a look. At first it seemed ok but then between te gusts of wind moving the branches i saw tha she was right. The trim was gone. The next gust made my heart sink – it revealed a long silver scratch along the door. The Car is red and no amount of any silver colouring belongs there so i donned some jeans and shoes and went out to investigate.

Once on the street the damage was very obvious. They tore a hole in the bodywork… if cars could bleed then she’d be in a right mess needing many many stitches – see the image gallery below.

One more night of lorries

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I craaaaaaaave a good nights sleep. Where we are camped is right beside the road. We are literally about 10 feet from the road – with a small hedge complete with hedge hogs between us which does nothing for blocking out the sound but the rumble is also a contributing factor.

Longitude of Florence

I want sleep


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 crapsocksDropped the car off to the garage ths morning for it’s 12k service.

The guy called with a price…

it was big…


C R A P S O C K S !

Now We were expecting it to be about £200/300 and we had budgeted for £500 so tis was a bit of a shock. Ruth was upset when i called her – admitedly i was in shock too. That is a silly high figure.

So here i the list:

General Service charge: £155.62
Anti Freeze flush & replacment £32.80
Near side rear brake-hose £31.90
Near side Front Drop Link Ball joint £39.95
Tracking Alignment £26.38
Front Disc Brake Set £110.00
Front Disc Brake Pads £67.90
Front Wishbones £211.11
2 x Front Tyres £150.00
Rear Brake Pads £58.60

In actualfact the total came to £898ish because the mechanic had fporgotten to put someting on the lis hich attributed to the higher costing but as i spotted it he’s letting us off it.

I’ve dropped the tyres as they are within the legal limits and i did a bit of research to get some prioce comparrissons and as a result we now only have to pay around £716. But even that is still a huge amount. Dunno if the Robinsons will be goingon holiday to ireland this year after all… We will have to be faithful and hop that the Big Man provides!

fatal error

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I keep getting fatal errors on the site when trying to upload photos. I manages to sort it so that i ca do a standard upload but i just cant get it to work with seding  a photo from the mobile whcih is most frustrating!


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oh how i bled for this particular piece of art...

a bit stressed tpoday and last wee -must chiiiiiiiill

In the mean time – for an itensive monitor tidyup – TRY THIS:


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SO the work going oni in our house that, after much deliberation, our landlord promised we would only need to be oput of our rooms for a day and no nights…..well looks like i’ll be lucky to ghet back into my room tonight!

 I am not a happy boy! The workmen also managed to nearly wreck my PC even thought i placed it somwehere safe! not impressed! – Want my room back! Got work to do!

css grr

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been tryng to swap out the DHTML menu tony created for the Oak Tree site but each time i do it Firefox refuses to display it and IE puts it at the top of the page despite my placing it in the excat same Div tags and not changing the div settings in the css! Arg! – And i wanted an early night – its 4am! Doh! So much for a quick 10 mins!

And tomorrow I have to face putting up with our landlord and his crew of dodgy builders coming over to start work on the house! I really aint looking forward to the morning!

a bloody nose

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This is getting flippin rediculous! I’ve been having bad nose bleeds sinc tuesday night! Been to A&E 3 times in 24 hours and they cant do anything. Grrr!I got a bit of a cold on Sunday. The nose bleeding started perfusley on Tuesday and just has not let up. I went to A7E on Wed eve at about 9:30 beuause it had benn on and off ALL day and it stopped when i got there so nowt they could do. Then I woke up at about 1:30am in a pool of my own blood! That was freaky. I couldnt stop the bleedso at3 am i rang Ruth and she helped me get down to A&E but again it stopped.

Got out of there by about 7:30am got home wnet to bed woke up and bang! started again. On and off all day again so decided to go to Northwichk park to see a specialist nose and ear doc. When we got there it had stopped again. Nothing they could do. Got back home and BANG! strated again! Managed to stop that one and got a good nights sleep but went to go get a drink and it started again this afternioon!

Was supposed to be going down to Devon to see Ruth’s folks! Shiiiizat