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January 2010

A power strip controlled by USB

By Techie No Comments

The Project: I want to find a product that will allow me to turn on my USB devices from the computer.

The Reason: I have set up the home system so that i can log in from home and use the Mini to do stuff. At tthis precice moment it is backjing up my websites via FTP. I am about to set it to do some batch processes on my music and video files. In order to do this i had to plug everything in before i left home which meant they were running for hours before i needed to use them. Not Very Green!

I’d like a system where i can program it to either turn on each USB device at the mains on screen, or to tunr them on when the computer comes on or both!

Solution 1: Go home made! But this is an almighty fafftastic route and there is a risk of death! Instructables – A USB Power Controled Plug Strip. With Isolation.

Solution 2: Eco Strip– not sure if this will actually do the job!

Solution 3: Standby Saver – as featured on Dragons Den  – buy at argos