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TLP: Your will be done

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Matthew 6:9-13 (New International Version)

9“This, then, is how you should pray:
” ‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
11Give us today our daily bread.
12Forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.[a

So God gave us this prayer which is commonly known as: The Lord’s Prayer. I sometimes find that when i hear that i instantly get bored. I imagine some boring person going on and on and on about irrelevant rubbish and i want to go to sleep. It’s such a shame cause this prayer really is sooo much more than what most realise it to be. Taking each line independently can make this prayer become a great prayer. Currently there are a few lines in this prayer that really ring true for me and how i am aiming to lead my life.

your will be done

The fundamental idea behind this line is that we want God to have his way in our lives. Seeing as God designed everything to be a certain way, it makes sense to let him have a say in how we do life. It makes sense that he would have a better idea on how things should work and how to do it right.

So that’s what i have been trying to do. It takes practice and its sometimes hard but it’s been working very well so far. The promises we have from Him mean that living life this way can only have a great outcome.

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Pray for Amy

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I just read this post from Carlos Whittaker on his blog Ragamuffin Soul:

On Sunday, May 23, Amy Wooddell suffered a stroke and underwent 7.5 hours of surgery to remove the clotting in her basil artery. Additionally they found that her right vertebral artery was torn and was repaired with a stint. She awoke responsive and could even whisper her own name. However, a few hours later her brain began to bleed resulting in an emergency procedure to relieve inner cranial pressure. On Monday, May 24 she was comatose with brain function of only 3 (normal is 15) and it was uncertain that she would survive.

But she did.

On Tuesday, May 25, Amy was considered in stable condition and brain activity began to increase (between 5-7) but was still in and out of consciousness. Inner-cranial pressure had dropped from high 20s on Sunday night down to 1 on Tuesday night. She is responding through blinking (made direct eye contact with Jonny (her husband) on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning blinked 5 times in response to “Amy, blink a bunch of times if you want Jonny to buy you lots of diamonds” and 3 times for “I love you”). And she is now breathing on her own 8 out of 18 breaths a minute.

But she’s been unable to move her limbs. A recent MRA is showing some blood in near her brain stem which is hindering motor skill movement.

Amy is only 24 years old and has been married to Jonny for 4 months. She is also an accomplished dancer.

While we are seeing God’s healing touch on Amy, we know she has a long ways to go and any permanent damage is still unknown. We are asking for your prayers for Amy’s complete healing.

More information can be found at or by following her husband’s updates on twitter at

I then went on and looked at the website and found it to be very very moving.

The i read the guys twitter page – WOW!

Get your pray on everybody!

And today is why there is HOPE!

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Easter Sunday today – WOW!

Today is the reason there is HOPE,

Today is the reason we are FREE,

Today is the reason we know what LOVE is,

Today is the reason to BE.

Today is the reason to Celebrate that JESUS is ALIVE.

What would Jesus do type scenario

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I just wrote a long comment on a dude’s website. This guy is very keen on exposing people who are not being good Christians and i find it so sad that his attitude is not more Christ like.

He wrote an article ripping Todd Bentley to shreds and i jumped on to it asking why he thought it was ok to tear someone apart so viciously and call himself a christian at the same time. It didn’t seem to add up in my mind.

You can read my most recent comment below:

Matthew 5:43-60 – 43″You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you: Love your enemies[b] and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

This is what JESUS said directly! Which basically means that JESUS told us to love our enemy! If you’d rather do something else, is that an admition to wanting to go against what he has taught himself?

as I said before – i think it’s great that you want to stop heretics and want to pull people up on bad theology and bad biblical teaching. That is a really admirable thing to do and I ask God to Guide you and bless you in that mission.

However – to say you’d “rather continue to pray that God keep exposing demons like Bentley so that His children will know His truth” is basically, in part, saying that you think Jesus was wrong.

Is that what you are saying?

Was Jesus wrong?



just maybe…

the amazing, wonderful, epic nature of Jesus Christ, My king and saviour – YOUR KING and SAVIOUOR…

maybe he had a point.

Now I know you will say that the bible also tells us that we must show sinners for what they are, expose them and what not and as i said i agree!


and here it comes…

you cant pick and choose! You have to do both!

As a Christian, you are called to love those whom you hate otherwise you yourself are living in sin. The gospel teaches us that even if we hate a man in our hearts it is as good as murder in our record with God.

so again i challenge you dude! Keep up the great work at seeking to “speak the truth” as it’s a really amazing thing to do but remember who you are doing it for….

is it for God, or yourself?

I’ll be praying for you bro! God bless you and all your readers (and that includes those of you who are reading this and tutting – the same message applies to you too)

Peace Out – Spread his LOVE!

creativity burnout…

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Sadly, this is how i feel at the moment at work.

I don’t feel like I’m getting the creative time i used to get when i was freelance. Well, i know i’m not.

Don’t worry, this is not me thinking of jacking in my job here at Tandem. God put me here and i’m not getting any vibes that he wants me elsewhere for the time being. What is happening is that i am getting quite fed up with the processes one has to put up with in a small production company. This has become quite tiresome and i’m beginning to fear for my creative abilities.

The creative mind is much like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it it will grow weak and less productive. When you do use it it will be a real effort to get anywhere. I use this analogy cause I’m also really unfit! I need to get in to some routines where I can get on my bike. Last few times i was out, i was left out of breath alot and it wasn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. I’m finding the same result with being creative.

At work my job is still very creative. Its just that it’s also very constrained. Constraints and creativity don’t get along very well. Within the corporate environment the constraints are mainly budget and time.

Budgets don’t usually allow for very adventurous things

Time is usually too tight to have any fun with ideas.

I feel like i’m completely done!


This is not what it should be and I think i need to go back to one of my original functions here at Tandem. That function was to bring a fresh perspective to the company. We need to go back to the roots of why we do this. I remember when i was freelancing with my bro. It was obviously very different for us as we didn’t have as many overheads so we were alot more free to try things but we did try things. I remember we used to sit and talk about ideas and when we realised we couldn’t afford to do something we would work out a way of doing so….it was great!

I want us to do this at Tandem. I need for us to smash out of this oppressive feeling we’re under and start being creative! REALLY CREATIVE. We need to be completely bonkers creative, think of the ludicrous, the obscene, the stupid, the funny, the outrageous, the bizarre and even the un-related!



I’ve been thinking of all this stuff and what it all mans and trying to hear what God has to say about all of this. One of the cool things coming up is the iamsecond project. We will be doing the production on the UK version of this which is really awesome and a real answer to prayer. I’ve been praying that we get some new Christian projects and this landed in my lap in a way that could only have been from the Big Man.

This has had me thinking and praying more about where God is taking me. I’m seeing people serving Jesus full time and I’m so envious. There is a large part of me that just cannot be faffed with doing corporate work as I find it really difficult to see how a film on a tunnel or the construction of a building can further the Kingdom. I would love to be able to work full time on films that directly further the kingdom.

I pray that this feeling will go and I’ll be able to get my creative mojo back!

Tattoo who?

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Photo 828the above arm is not my arm

I’ve been thinking loooong and hard about this for the past few years. I think i fall under that group of people who would love to have a tattoo but don’t know what to get. I now know what i want.

I had the idea about 2/3 years ago and the idea has remained well and truly stuck in my brain. Because of this I now know that this will not be a whimsical choice. I’ve just got to get the design itself nailed.

The Tattoo will be

EPHESIANS 6: 10 – 18

– click it to see what the verse says.

This verse has a loooong history for me. When i was a child we would have time in prayer as a family every morning. One of the things my Dad used to do was to read out this verse aloud in a drill sergeants manner and we would all follow along. I remember it being a massive amount of fun and we would all march along and giggle. It was great. Every day we were armed for the day!

This memory has always stayed with me. Now, as an adult, the importance of this message carries alot more weight with it. I am very aware of  how harsh a place the world can be. I love the idea that with this tattoo I would effectively always be wearing the Armour of God.


I’m thinking of on my forearm. I want it quite big but Ruth doesn’t so i need to gauge that well. I’m thinking about 4-5 inches long. This tatt is for me first. If others see it and it sparks a conversation about God then that’s a massive bonus.


At the moment i’m looking at really really simple blocky fonts. I love Helvetica and Insolent -really blocky. Maybe have some swirlys around it. Not to sure yet – sketches will start coming soon. I may talk to some artist/design friends for their input. What i love about the blocky fonts is that its so unlike most tatts that have flowing lines and curves and they follow bodily contours. This will really stand out. It will be great.