Tag: Thankful

  • Thankful For Jesus

    img source – interesting JESUS? Today we remember you. Today is the day we remember your birth and when you started your incredible journey. I really really REALLY can never express what you have done for us and do it justice. Thank you Jesus for what you did… During the season of Advent i wanted […]

  • Thankful for My Wife

    My Wife One of strongest things about me is my Wife. In fact i would say that she probably stronger than  all my qualities put together. It sometimes seems that way when i realise that i have been acting like an a**e and she’s the one who is right which happens alot and yet she […]

  • Thankful For Parents

    Parents Our parents deserve the most respect out of any people we know. They are responsible for so much. I am so lucky to have had two people being my parents who have taken on the responsibility with gusto pride and mostly love in their hearts. Parents are responsible for molding us in to the […]

  • Thankful for my bro

    I realized that the birthday wish to my bro doubles up as this post so go look at that post

  • Thankful for Sisters

    Sisters I have two wonderfully amazing sisters. These two women are truly inspirational. My two sisters, Sandra and Angie have loved me as their little brother all my life. They are both brilliant mothers and wives. The amount of strength and patience it takes to bring up kids and be a good spouse is huge […]

  • Thankful for Friends

    Friends Friends keep us grounded Friends challenge us Friends bring us good times Friends are there when we’re down Friends help in difficult times Friends grant us favors Friends make us feel loved Over the years i have made some very good friends. There are alot of people out there that i have a lot […]

  • Thankful for Nieces & Nephews

    Nieces & Nephews The above picture is one of my many nieces. This is Leah. She is one of the cutest little babies i think i have ever seen. My sisters have developed a habit of producing these really cute kiddies. I love all of my lil nieces and nephews – there are quite a […]

  • Thankful for our home

    Our Home According the the UK government there are over 10500 people who have applied for homeless accommodation in the last quarter of this year and we live in one of the richest countries in the world by poverty standards!!! When you start to think about people in 3rd world countries the gravity of poverty […]

  • Thankful for my Health

    My Health There is an ironic theme today because as i write this i am feeling really l ill with a horrible chesty cold and a really bad sore/seizing throat and yet i am being thankful for my health! In context i’m thankful that generally i am healthy. Over the past week i’ve heard that […]

  • Thankful for My Job

    My Job I am so lucky. I really really am. I really love my Job. Even though at the moment i’m going through a bit of a rough time i still love it. Every job has its tough moments – that’s a given. I’m just amazed that through these rough parts in this job i’m […]

  • Thankful for Church & Community

    Church & Community When i say church i mean “church” and not  “the church”. I’m talking about church as Jesus intended it  and not the political quagmire it often is. Church as community is awesome! When it all works in the way it should it really is fantastic. People rally round and drop things in […]

  • Thankful for Sunsets

    Sunsets I don’t think i need so say much about sunsets. I can’t think of anyone who does not appreciate them Thank you Jesus for sunsets During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful […]

  • Thankful for Music

    pic source Music Growing up in a musical family has given me a huge appreciation for all music. Music has been a common source of entertainment, inspiration and good times for human beings sinc the dawn of man. I can’t imagine what the workld would be like with out it. ROCK ON! Check out my […]

  • Thankful for my ability to Create Films

    My ability to Create Films I love making films. A For as long as I have been doing it i have loved it. Part of it is in the same Geekfest thread as graphics and web design – figuring out how best to do something. Its alkso to do with my love of film and […]

  • Thankful for My ability to Photoshop

    My ability to Photoshop AI am in no way ever going to claim to be great at doing graphics. I have realised over the past few years where my skills really lie and graphics is not my speciality but i do love creating stuff and the fun you can have with photoshop is endless. Whether […]

  • Thankful for My ability to design websites

    My ability to design websites Another one for a geekfest nomination. I started this website in 2004. I rember a couple of frineds had blogs and i thought it was a rather cool idea. I think it was my curious nature that drove me onwards to continuously imporrve it na dto get to the poimnt […]